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Chronixx – Here Comes Trouble

Written by on 21/01/2022




Left, right, Jah soldiers a come
Left, right

An dem seh here comes trouble
Here comes the danger
Sent by the savior welcome the rasta youths
I an I a start recruit soldiers fi Selassie-I army

Here comes trouble
Here comes the danger
Welcome the savior
Welcome the rasta youths
You no haffi ask is who
A the general issuing a warning

Jah people dem a ball seh dem tired a mediocre
Evil a go fall when wi trop inna Ethiopia
Believing from dawn ‘caz’ dem life no easy bout yah
Even Banton seh it’s not a easy road
Operation occupy the mother land
Calling all soldiers to kindly trod along
From creation it write inna Jah plan
But Chronixx Cyaa do it alone
So am recruiting soldiers coming from near an far by truth
Executing Selassie high works and build Rastafari troops

Waving the banner red, green and gold
It is such a honor profficie’s unfold
Discovered on stones, an trees, an scrolls
And even in the stories that Jesus told
Rasta youth must inherit the earth
Cyaa sit down Jah, Jah, seh mi fi work
Bring the fire inna ground
Jah, Jah, seh mi fi purge
But I cyaa do it alone
Rasta recruiting soldiers coming from near an far i choose
Executing Selassie-I works and the Rastafari truths

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