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Anthony B – Swarm Me

Written by on 06/11/2021




Lord, Lord, Lord,
Anthony B. is very polite,
But dem say dis boy too bright.
Remember we don’t live in a communist country.
Yuggo yo.

Why dem wan come swarm me, swarm me,
Say mi start a revolution army, army.
Dem nuh see dat dem loose,
Dis is the generation dem can’t confuse, get di news.

Im in the middle surrounded by media
Just through mi chant fire bun fi di leader
Misleadership mi see a gwaan all over
Dem waan blow mi away like a paper
Inna mi song whey mi tun on di fire burning
Burning hotter than the equator
That’s why dem say mi explisit and raw
Ask mi fi vote and mi tell dem can’t
No man can’t kiss me pon mi jaw
Worsnip Pope Paul rastaman naw

Stronger stronger than a lion
Tougher thougher dan steel
Ready now fi di truth it reveal
Dem stick di deck and dem want wi fi deal
Now we serve dem dem own poison meal
Over di years dem a beat wi and wi never squeal
Ask dem how di pain and pressure feel
Now wi a fling fire under dem heel
Ask dem why dem want a’ll di truth conceal
Look place fi hide dem a look place fi run
Never see mi wid knife never see mi wid gun
The truth inna mi song mek revolution come
And dem fraid a di fire bun,
Lordy Lawd

Blacks was Kings and Queens Pon wi
Motherland before them intervene
Capture we carry we beyond
Fi work as slave pon dem plantation
But we want a solution
Or else let’s start the revolution
Tell dem go to hell wid dem polifiction

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