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Barrington Levy

  BARRINGTON LEVY – COOL AND LOVING Girl I love you, but I’m shy And I don’t know why, why I’m shy (o-oh) But my love grows strong for you every day And I cannot introduce myself My name is mister cool and loving And I really would like to spend some time with you […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – LIVING DANGEROUSLY   Lawd a mercy, lawd a mercy, lawd a mercy Oooh, whoa, man ah Selassie (yeah) Woman yuh living too dangerous Too dangerous, too dangerous, ooh whoa Woman ah live dangerous, cho Oh woman I heard a little rumor last night (Little rumor last night, rumor last night) Somebody […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – SHINE EYE GIRL   A shine eye girl, a shine eye girl A shine eye girl, a shine eye girl Shine eye girl is a trouble to a man She want uptown, she want downtown She want fancy car, she want super star An’a tell me whey you really want I […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – ENGLISHMAN   Every way, rebel in this world I have neighbour, I have I-dren I have brethren and even have sistren English man a me I-dren Canadian man a me brethren American man dem a me I-dren An’ the daughter a me sistren Jamaican man a me neighbour An’ the daughter […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – BLACK ROSES   In my garden! Black, black roses! In my garden! To keep and care it, you got to water it. To keep and care it, you got to water it. I’ve been travelin’ all over this world, I’ve never seen no other black rose in no other garden. So […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – HYPOCRITES   Whoaaaa I can see so many hypocritism Everyone are talking this and talking that Watching how I cook my pot Jah Jah They always say I’m doing the right thing And behind me they try to su-su-su-sue unna me I want to show them that I’m the rasta man […]

  BARRINGTON LEVY – A YE WE DEH A ya we deh, A ya we deh. Giving thanks and praise, now A ya we deh, A ya we deh Giving thanks and praise The things that you do Jah Jah is watching you