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Mikey General

  MIKEY GENERAL – HAILELUJAH SONG Praise Him Moon and Sun Praise Him Earth and Stars Praise Him Galaxy Praise Him Saturn and Mars Praise Him in the Highest Heaven This is my Hailelujah song, this is my Hailelujah song And if you like it you can sing along, you can sing along When I […]

  MIKEY GENERAL – ROOTS ROCKING REGGAE   Uuuh! Uuuh! Uuuh! Roots rocking, roots rocking reggae tonight Roots rocking, reggae music mek me feel so nice Yeeaah! When I remember all the stalwarts Who set the pace They went thru so much trouble And them I have to embrace So many worked so hard, and […]

  MIKEY GENERAL – CHANGE THE WORLD   Got to change the world Calling boys and girls Rise and meet the occasion In my father’s house are many mansions So many, so many things to do, yeaah In my father’s house are many mansions And Jah Jah is expecting much from you, hey Get up […]