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  MORGAN HERITAGE – REGGAE BRING BACK LOVE   Yeah! Oh God… we can see God bless reggae music once again It’s so nice, it’s so sweet, it’s so beautiful to see… The people live in sweet, sweet love… Oh yeah I and I feel the vibes Lord knows it feels right We can feel […]

  MYKAL ROSE – STALK OF SENSIMILLIA   I’ve got a stalk of sinsemilla Growing in my back yard I’ve got a stalk of sinsemilla Growing in my back yard Don’t cut down the cali tree Cause it makes the best tea for me And the doctor says it gives naturally One thing this doctor […]

  PINCHERS – AGONY   What’s wrong! I come fi get likkle a Di agony from pinchers nice hurt She love me! she say she looove me sting down She want a hundred percent a love She want a hundred percent a love A hundred percent love she want A hundred percent a love Nuh […]

  RICHIE SPICE – THE WORLD IS A CYCLE   The world is a cycle And everything weh happen yes it come roun in a circle Got to check the step you take And every breath you make Because the little things you do Is comin back at you The ditch you dig it might […]

  TONY REBEL – CHATTY CHATTY Well you see true me no have nothing to hide All informers step aside Original guerilla Tony Rebel a tell you man Watch this now nuh Chorus: A true you chatty chatty chatty Mi can’t live in peace Every little thing you run gone fi police Mi a try […]

  YELLOWMAN – REGGAE CALYPSO   His eyes are closed his face pale asleep On the ground a newspaper reads The blood has spilled again And you just dream my yellowman Yellowman The angels burn a torch to keep us warm His lungs are wide awake but he won’t breathe He spits out the ocean […]

  CULTURE, U-ROY & PRINCE JAZZBO – WALK WITH JAH   We regret to announce the death, Of the liars and the thieves and all those that, Bust gun upon their bredren for nothing at all, And keep on robbing the innocent man night and day. Tell me, how you gonna walk with Jah? When […]

  PETER TOSH – STEPPING RAZOR   If you wanna live Treat me good If you wanna live, live I beg you treat me good I’m like a walking razor Don’t you watch my size I’m dangerous Said I’m dangerous If you are a bully Treat me good If you are a bully, a bully […]

  JACOB MILLER – FORWARD JAH JAH CHILDREN   Africa must be free, South Africa Blood fire Rastafari, Jah Forward Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah children Forward Jah, Jah, Jah, Jah children The time has come when we all should sing unto Jah Day after day the children of Zion tryin’ to reach up to you […]

  PROTOJE – KINGSTON BE WISE   Kingston, be wise Kingston, free up your mind Kingston, just be wise Kingston, free up the I, yeah When the city a go click-clack-blow, you bet Government fingers and tic-tac-toes in it And while they working on the X’s and O’s I’m living I-N-I like I’m Mister Kamoze […]