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Norris Man – Persistence

Written by on 06/11/2021




Well I an I seh di gideon ruff yuh nuh
I an I naw get defile still
Persistence enuh ya aooiee
Hear wha

Persistence is to try,tru out dis precious time
Yuh cyaah give up di fight
JAH is da way to life
All when yuh down and in distress
Neva mek babylon know yuh weakness
All when yuh burden is di heaviest
Neva mek dem know

Mi seh dem system a fraud
Di struggle it nuh easy dung a dutty ya it hard
Wi naw guh sell out wi soul fi get nuh roun of applause
Positive movement not a negative thought
Tell dem clean inna dem heart
Tings what they do is not what we do
Tings what they say is not what we say
Tings what they preach is not we preach
Mi seal JAH trinity some tek di mark ah di beast

Caah wha
It tek persistence fi put tru yuh work
Firm up yuhself seek salvation first
If JAH seh a blessing how heathen fi seh curse
Renegade waah field marshall di earth
Cyaah skylark pon street and lurks
Man fi militant and nuh stop from search
Know before yuh defile yuhself wit yuh works
Purge out yuh system first

Mi sing morning and noon,evening and dawning
Gi mi JAH praises
Seh when nutten naw gwaan and di belly start yawning
Still give JAH praises
With all di burden on yuh shoulda
RASTA yuh deh ya suh fi kongkaah(conquer)
Lord lord wo wooie hear wha hear wha

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